When it’s time to give a gift that will be forever remembered by
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Established in 1973, SPI has become one of the most exciting Home Décor, Garden and Gallery vendors in the industry. Their diverse selection of products is valued by prominent interior designers and home décor specialists.
Bosom Buddy Bags

Bosom Buddy Bags

Each Bosom Buddy Bag is handcrafted, one-by-one. Woven in Bali and then flown halfway around the world to Baltimore where Karin and Andrea adorn the Ata Grass bags with fanciful finds, natural shells, vintage elements and ribbons. Bosom Buddy Bags searches the world for the finest materials to fabricate their handbags.

Tervis Tumblers

Tervis Tumblers

The original insulated tumbler, made in America since 1946, featuring hundreds of designs for everyone including our personal favorite...the South Carolina state logo.







Historic Beaufort, SC Tervis Tumblers

Historic Beaufort, SC Tervis Tumblers are exclusive to Bay Street Jewelers!


Jewelry Chests

Shop luxury wooden jewelry boxes and heirloom chests at Bay Street Jewelers. You will find unforgettable beauty and unmistakable quality in fine woods.


Christopher Radko Ornaments

Shop for Christmas ornaments all year long! We specialize in coastal ornaments, perfect for the dedicated Radko collector and the visitor looking for a seasonal memento.
Lennox Wedding Giftware

Lenox Wedding Giftware

Lenox is America's leading tabletop and giftware brand. Lenox shares a passion for design and style with those who love to entertain and celebrate with family and friends. We have several timeless bridal styles.
Silver Plated Frames

Silver-Plated Frames

Modestly priced while still retaining the beauty of solid sterling, each of these tarnish-resistant pieces is intricately fashioned with genuine craftsmanship. Preserve your photographs or prints with a silver picture frame.
BelleToile Cargohold Artcarved Vahan LeStage Colore Citizen Galatea Bulova Dizeos Charles Garnier Paris SDC Creations Tom Kruskal QALO Michou Grainger McKoy Allison Kaufman Triton