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Bay Street Jewelers offers an array of unique Lowcountry themed jewelry.
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Granger McKoy

Grainger McKoy

Grainger McKoy is an internationally acclaimed sculptor who specializes in the birds of the Carolinas. A South Carolina native, he studied in Beaufort in his earlier days and now calls Sumter home.

He started making jewelry a few years ago, and his pieces have been as well-received as his sculptures. We are thrilled to host his jewelry in town! Available in sterling silver, platinum silver, 14 karat yellow gold and 18 karat yellow gold, we can find the perfect accessory for you!

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Diamond Palmetto Tree Jewelry

Celebrate your love of South Carolina with our beautiful diamond palmetto tree pieces! Available in 14k white or yellow gold, we have a full suite of pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets.

Beaufort and South Carolina
Destination Collection

Recognized by locals and visitors alike, the Beaufort and South Carolina Destination Collection are “symbolic treasures of the area.”

Beaufort Bracelet -
The second oldest city in South Carolina, Beaufort is celebrated in our exclusive Destination Collection. Our Hunting Island lighthouse runs down the back of the “B,” which is hooked by the palmetto and crescent moon, symbolizing the “hook” that Beaufort has on the hearts of both locals and visitors.

South Carolina Bracelet -
The South Carolina cable bracelet is a tribute to the state wrought in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold. Featuring our state flag’s famous palmetto tree and crescent moon, and eight 14k yellow gold bars that represent that we’re the eighth state in the Union, the South Carolina cable bracelet is a great option for those of us who love more than one place in the state.

We also have rings, pendants and earrings to coordinate with both of these bracelets.


Southern Gates

The jewelry in this best-selling collection is inspired by the ironwork of the Lowcountry. The intricate scrollwork represents strength and beauty, two qualities Southern women have in abundance! The Southern Gates line embodies part of the past; we hope to make it part of your present and future.
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